Live Online Casinos for US Players

A live dealer casino is a fairly new form of entertainment in the United States. With these online casinos becoming an almost immediate hit, all flagship online casino brands in the country are looking to offer this vertical. Live dealer games are all about offering the best customer experience with the least effort on the part of the customer.

This means that a standard live dealer casino will offer an array of great games, including roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more to players keen to play at a live casino without taking the unnecessary detour to a brick and mortar venue in the first place.

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11 Live Online Casinos for US Players in our Database

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Best US Live Casinos: How to Find Them

Naturally, you will only care for the best live dealer games and live dealer casinos. To find them yourself, you won’t have to go to incredible lengths. There are several reasons for that. First, not all online casinos are willing to make the financial investment and support live dealer games. An online casino that does must realize that they are looking at the long term.

Once a casino opens a live dealer section, you can tell if it’s worthwhile almost right away. There are several factors that determine this, and most of them are connected directly with the choice of the software provider. It’s very easy to have a quick look around and decide if a live dealer casino lives up to your standards.

#1 They Have a Great Live Platform

Every live dealer casino will strive to offer the best product. This is not at all surprising. Maintaining an online live casino is expensive, and you can rest assure that the best casinos have invested in the best software. There are many developers who cater to the US online casino landscape. They include top-of-the-range companies as Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt, with many entering almost around the clock. Whatever the live dealer software, it must be great, offer flexible table limits, and an experience that easily surpasses any brick and mortar casino. Not sure where to find one? Just refer to the table we have posted.

#2 They Have an Established Footprint

Make no mistake. You won’t see live dealer games at a casino without a sizeable footprint. Most of the online casinos in the United States are linked to a brick and mortar casino property as this is a prerequisite for receiving a license. While there are some minor drawbacks to run an online casino in the USA like that, the benefits to players are innumerable. Players get to play at a casino that is both fair and licensed, adding another layer of security to the live dealer casino experience. You can even collect your money in person at the brick and mortar casino, for example.

#3 They Are Mobile Friendly

A live dealer casino will necessarily be mobile-friendly, allowing you to join the live dealer casino games and play on the go as you see fit. Online casinos in the USA won’t miss on the opportunity to provide you with the best possible live dealer experience, and this comes with a functional remote gaming option. You will be able to load up any of the available games you wish and join the fray in the company of exciting croupiers who are just as pleased to see you playing from a handheld device. The majority of live dealer casinos will also feature dedicated iOS and Android apps to make it very easy for you to play live games while you are on the move or just prefer a mobile gizmo instead.

#4 They Have an Awesome Game Variety

There are many live dealer casino games you can try. Admittedly, you will notice that most of them are based on the main table and card games you can find at most brick and mortar casinos in the USA. Having all the coolest variations of these live games is important, though. And so, you want to see live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, and certainly live poker. The best live dealer casinos we recommend will live up to your high expectations and offer you every single one of these games, making it easy to enjoy a diverse and worthwhile experience.

#5 Choose the Best Payment Options

While it doesn’t have to do with the gameplay itself, picking a live dealer casino in the US that offers great payment options is a great idea. You will be able to cash out your money as quickly as you wish and deposit instantly. Having a bunch of trusted banking methods allows you to focus on the live dealer experience entirely and not have another worry about how you are going to cash your money out.

Best Live Dealer Games: Fun and Easy to Play

Live dealer games are a real delight to play, and every live casino will make the experience as enjoyable as you have ever wanted it to be. There are many benefits to picking a great live casino and diving right into the available live casino games it has to offer. These benefits include real, honest outcomes, a realistic gameplay environment that mimics any brick and mortar casino, and the satisfaction of having a meaningful interaction with a live dealer. All live casino games are streamed in HD, allowing you to even zoom and examine the action up close while you play. Not least, you have varied wagering options, thanks to the table limits live dealer casinos set for their patrons. With this in mind, let’s have a look at what live casino games players can enjoy today.

Live Dealer Roulette: A Lasting Classic

Since it was invented in the 18th century, roulette has had many versions, and not least live roulette. We have seen multi-wheel and mini-roulette throughout the years, but Evolution Gaming has truly gone above and beyond to craft unique titles with singular gameplay mechanics. Roulette has never been more fun and titles such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette just go to prove that. Both games have won Evolution Gaming accolades and awards from competitors and industry leaders, and now, you can enjoy the games just as well. Besides, Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming is immensely fun to play, and it’s definitely one of the titles you should try yourself when playing at live dealer casinos in the US.

Live Dealer Blackjack: America’s Favorite

Live blackjack is definitely one of the finest games you can get your hands on. US players are huge fans, and the fact you can play in the company of a live dealer is an additive pro. Blackjack is simple yet entertaining. Live casino games always include it. You can play various iterations of the game, too, including Blackajck Party, Speed Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Salon Prive, VIP Blackjack, and many other live blackjack games. Every version of the game is a real delight. And that doesn’t even exhaust all the different live blackjack versions you can play, honest. There is also Infinite Blackjack, and yes, each version adds something new to the experience to make it absolutely worth your time.

Live Dealer Poker: Outplay the Dealer

It’s all about the cards. Live poker is very fun. Even though you can mostly play Texas Hold’em or Casino Hold’em, these two versions provide you with an authentic feel to the game. You will definitely appreciate the realism of the live poker versions available to you. Sure, you can’t play live poker against other players, but your satisfaction from the game is bound to be the same. You still have to factor different cards, probabilities, and try to read the casino’s hand to call the best possible outcome for yourself. Naturally, none of this is actually easy, and it will take a fair degree of exercise to get it right.

Live Dealer Baccarat: Simple Yet Intriguing

Another excellent game to try in live online casinos is live baccarat. Live baccarat has a very simple gameplay premise. What you need to do here is choose and back one of the bets – Banker or Player. Oh, don’t get too confused, as the Player Bet has nothing to do with you! It’s like betting on Heads or Tails, just one of the quirks of live baccarat or any baccarat to be honest. So, what you need to do is just back one of the two bets. It’s quite simple, and this is one of US players’ favorite table games, no doubt about this.

Live Casino Bonuses: Do They Exist?

Of course, they exist! You will find many excellent bonuses to enjoy, and they will apply to live roulette, poker, baccarat, or blackjack. Some casinos do offer a welcome bonus, but the wagering contributions will be just 20%. Still, players often opt for the live casino welcome bonus as it comes in handy no less. If you are not overly keen on welcome packages, you can still benefit from various promotions such as the VIP and loyalty programs most casinos offer. Whether you play live roulette or other live table games, you will accumulate points that will help you redeem various prizes.

Not least, once you crack into the higher levels of the online casino experience, you can enjoy various promotions such as birthday bonuses, cashback, a private live casino room, and other details that make your online gambling experience great. Each live casino is free to tinker with its bonus system in any way it sees fit. Some online casinos won’t offer players a welcome bonus, but they will feature many promotions for existing players.

It’s up to you to have a quick look around the promo section and have your pick. You can opt for any bonus that catches your attention, but if a bonus isn’t’ really your thing, you can rest assured that the lack of one will not diminish the satisfaction you get from playing at a live online casino in the US.

How Do Live Casinos Work?

After all that we have explained about live dealer games and live dealer casinos, it’s perhaps time to look into the underpinning technology that makes the whole experience happen. While they are a new form of entertainment, dealer games are definitely here to stay. The biggest draw is the fact that you interact with the dealer in real-time and can see your decisions lead to immediate actions on the screen. There are many reputable providers of live casino software, too, not least NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

To guarantee a uniform experience live dealer casinos make sure to use a software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which captures the live dealer actions and translates them into data and right to your computer or mobile screen. In many ways, a live dealer casino reminds of a TV show and, there are even some games, such as Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, and Monopoly LIVE that remind of one. Now, there are some key elements without which no live dealer casino can operate. Let’s have a brief look right now.


Understandably, cameras play an essential part in any live dealer experience. The cameras make it possible for you to follow the dealer games up close, change perspectives, and generally feel that you are in control of what is going on. Different games have a different number of cameras, but the feed is always top-notch, allowing you to benefit from excellent gameplay in the end.

Game Control Unit

While the cameras help you see what is going on, it’s the Game Control Unit that codes the experience and sends it your way with the help of the OCR, of course. Each individual table has its own GCU designed to make the experience simple for players and live dealers without their knowing.

Live Dealers

The heart of any live dealer casino is not the sophisticated software it uses, but the professionals who work tirelessly to provide players with the best possible experience. The dealer will guide you through all live dealer games, keep the mood lively, announce the different stages of the experience, and generally let you have a great time. Careful, though, because many live dealer casinos use the charms of good-looking croupiers who can be quite distracting.

Are Live Dealer Casinos Worth It for US Players?

There is all the evidence to support this claim. Live casinos are amazing, resilient, fair, and very fun to play. US players will definitely find them a delightful alternative to brick and mortar venues, and this is for a good reason. You can find all in online live casinos. They feature all popular live games, some great bonuses, and a very life-like atmosphere. Not least, they are very convenient, because they save you a lot of driving, time and effort. You can just grab your mobile device and be in a game in a matter of seconds. Many US players these days appreciate and expect that from a live casino. And so, the live casino experience is truly one of a kind, and you will definitely enjoy it.

Table Limits: What to Expect from a Live Casino?

Mostly, live casinos tend to stick to the same table limits. Bar a few exceptions, most of your wagers will start at $1 although this varies from game to game. You will admittedly need to prepare a little more than you would spend on slots. After all, slots allow you to bet $0.10, which is a lot of spins when you come to think about it. Yet, live games up the ante and they might offer you a few challenges more as well as a few rewards that are arguably bigger.

Always remember to keep an eye on the payouts though to know how much a live game offers. Most run some pretty smooth payouts that would definitely intrigue you. The upper table limits are usually $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000 per bet, which means you can use almost any strategy out there.

Progressive strategies, for example, such as Fibonacci or Martingale, will work a treat, as you are unlikely to hit the $10,000 threshold before winning back any money that might have been lost. All in all, the table limits at US online casinos make it easy to enjoy the experience.


If you are truly keen on live dealer casinos, you will find many of them in the United States. Live casinos in the US offer a versatile bunch of games, payment options, and even the occasional bonus. Better yet, you can rank up the loyalty program of any casino just by enjoying your favorite live dealer casino games and spend your time in the company of great-looking croupiers keen to offer you the best live experience. After thorough research, it’s safe to say that you have every reason to want and play live at live dealer casinos in the US. The games are many and the opportunities to win probably even more.