Online slots are the backbones of the online casino industry. From classic fruity three-reel slots to cutting-edge Megaways, slot games dominate the online gambling markets. You can find thousands of online casinos in the United States, offering you many options, some of them providing you with the same sensation as if you were in the biggest casino in Vegas. Of course, different websites offer various experiences, so you need to properly choose which one you are going to trust for your best entertainment.

Unlike poker or roulette, online slots are quite easy to play and don’t require any previous experience. This means that you can find your fast-paced fun there. Even though you might think all online casinos are the same and offer similar experiences, we, at Team Gamblers, politely disagree. This is exactly why on this page, we will provide you with all of the necessary information about online slots and the best slot sites.

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Best Online Slots

The best online slots come with a few aspects that make the gaming experience smooth and fruitful. In this sense, regardless of what type of game you look for, either progressive jackpot or slot game, you should bear these factors for yourself. If you want to play slots online, we would suggest you try free slots first, in other words, free play mode. During your experience, you can examine the whole details and features that the game provides.

In fact, most online slots share the same elements – an interesting theme, multiple in-game features, and a unique payline structure. Of course, you could try them all, but that’s not really worth the time and money. The best online slots will have much more than the average Egyptian-themed 3-payline slots with free spins. Look for unique wilds & scatters, bonus rounds, higher RTP rates, and any other features that excite you to find the best for you.

When you are playing at slot machines, your top priority should be amusing yourself to the fullest. Try to stay away from anything that looks mediocre. An online slot that does not stimulate you visually will never be fun to play. Look for things that are quite different from the average video slot. In this regard, don’t be scared to try a couple of them out once you find out your style of slots.

How to Find The Best Slot Sites?

As we mentioned previously, the most enjoying online slots will have a lot more to offer than a couple of free spins & bonus rounds. It’s also worth noting that the best slot sites will also abide by specific standards and criteria you have to check before investing your time and money there.

This is why the casino you use for playing online slots has to be evaluated in some specific aspects.  Some of the most noteworthy categories that a casino needs to have include:

  • Having licenses from regulating authorities of your region
  • A variety of video slots to choose from. Online gambling can quickly get boring if an online casino lacks diversity. Make sure to look for the classics: Themed Slots, Video Slots, Fruit Slots, 3-Line Slots, 5-Line Online Slots, Classic Slots, 3-Reel Standard Slots, etc.
  • Responsible customer service available at all times.
  • Clear and transparent in RTPs, house edge values, and other crucial information about the slots.
  • Secure and modern online payment options
  • Top-notch encryption.
  • Just as stable payment options are necessary, so are safe payment tools for payouts. Look for Skrill, PayPal, American Express, etc.
  • Regular and highly-entertaining bonus offers
  • Good software providers for the slots. Some of them are Play ‘N Go, Microgaming, Skills On Net, Amuzi, Merkur, etc.

By checking these conditions, you can frankly find the best casino to play your favorite slots. Luckily, we maintain every single detail you need to know about a particular casino. Check our reviews and learn more about the casino operators by yourself.

Free Online Slots

Most video slots you will find at a random casino are just real money versions of the actual game you can find in traditional casinos. However, we, at Team Gamblers, also make sure to provide you with the casinos to find to play free online slot machines.

When playing slots’ demos, we always advise that you play as if you are playing with real money. As a result, you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not the slots will fit within your budget. Most importantly, see if the slots will entertain you.

Since financial management is the key to having a fun time gambling at a casino, you must never go too far. If you find that to real money online slots are depleting your budget too quickly, then it’s best to play free mode first. That will be healthier for your budget.

Real Money Online Slots in the United States

The best casino with slots you can find on the internet will always have, more or less, the same concept. Either you play free versions or go with real money online slots, a casino must meet the criteria to be established. As we mentioned previously, you should make sure that the casino is licensed by trusted authorities. This way, you know that it complies with strict regulation, which, by default, protects you, the player.

In case you want to play online slots for real money in the United States, you must bear a few more factors. First, if the casino is not registered from your local authority, you shouldn’t waste a second there. Afterward, you can check the bonus that the casino offers to keep you entertained.

We, at TeamGamblers, must mention that not every state in the USA offers legal online gambling. We would never advise you to break the law, so it’s definitely worth knowing that online slots in the USA are legal in a number of states. You can find comprehensive information on our website.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are extra rounds that you can trigger while playing an online slot without any additional costs, while still allowing you to score nice winnings. It’s worth noting that not all online slots have bonus rounds and even the ones that do have quite difficult conditions to fulfill. Ultimately, they lead to pretty significant winnings once you trigger them.

Free Spins

You will rarely hear about another word in online slots that evokes such excitement as “free spins”. To put it frankly, they are amazing. Free spins are accessible and will always bring immense value to players of all stripes. The truth is that you will always get a great value of whatever online slots free spins come your way. Regardless of any attached wagering requirement, they are super useful and practical. We, at TeamGamblers, make sure to bring you the best free spins on a wide range of popular online slot machines, so that you can always have an enjoyable experience on the slots games.

Slot Payback

The slot payback is a number presented as a percentage, that indicates the average return on the player’s investment in the game. Since casinos have to make a living for themselves too, they take slightly more than they give. Of course, this widely depends on your luck, investment, patience as well as the game of your choosing, so don’t get too hung up on the numbers, just make sure you’re having fun without draining your budget. In the end, gambling must be a fun experience. Otherwise, it could be crucially harmful.

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most popular types of bonuses offered by online casinos is known as a welcome bonus. It is also known as the new player bonus or a 1st deposit bonus. Without a juicy welcome bonus, today, a casino cannot be attractive for the new players.

However, all the welcome bonuses are not the same in every casino. For instance, a casino might give you 10 free spins to play free on NetEnt’s classic game Gonzo’s Quest as a welcome bonus. Meanwhile, another one can offer you a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. Sometimes, a customer-friendly casino can offer both with higher limits! However, check the welcome bonuses wager requirements before depositing any single penny. Rarely, some online casinos can set rollover requirements too high to withdraw the earnings.

Wild Symbol 

The origins of the wild symbol date back to the Joker found in a pack of cards. In slot games, a wild symbol can be anything that can help you in order to create a winning payline. For example, once you have a heart on the first and second reel, and a Wild Symbol on the third one, you will have a winning combination as the Wild will substitute a heart symbol.

Wild Symbols help you to create a payline by substituting for any other symbol on the gameboard. In other words, they greatly increase your chance of creating winning combinations when playing slot machines. They are completely random and unpredictable by nature, and thus, can pop up at any time, increasing the excitement of the games that you are playing.

Scatter Symbol

This is another exciting feature of playing slot machines since they pop up randomly on the reel and award you with a free spin. On the contrary to the other symbols that you need to be line up on a payline to get a reward, scatter symbols can pop up anywhere to unlock a bonus feature that’s embedded within the game you are playing. Usually, this bonus feature is Free Spins, Mini Games, or other similar bonuses that the games have.


Multiplier bonuses get triggered by a special Multiplier Symbol in the slots. With them, you can double, triple, or in rare cases, even quadruple your winnings. However, you may not encounter multipliers on some games. Usually, today’s slots are more focused on providing you with unique features, such as bonus rounds and extra spins.


The paylines used in online slots are quite a simple concept to grasp. When the reels stop, you will need to form a winning combination to receive money. The game determines which combinations will provide you with a payout depending on the pattern – the payline.

The payline is actually a pattern of different symbols placed on the reels which the game needs to see if you score a win. They start from the furthest left reel and continue until they arrive at the furthest right reel. Some can be in a straight line, while others are zig-zagged. Most online slots are unique, so make sure to read their review, or just play free mode to discover it.

Old slot machines used in traditional casinos featured a single payline that ran across the middle position on all three reels. Nowadays, things are different. The modern online slot games that you can find at almost every casino, you can have anywhere from 1 to 50 paylines, with great variation between the different titles. Also, if you decide to play megaways slot games, you can encounter thousands or even hundreds of thousands of paylines during the game.

Progressive Jackpots

Most online slots have a fixed jackpot, meaning that if you meet the winning conditions, you will receive it. However, slots with a progressive one have an increasing jackpot that grows with every small bet placed. Furthermore, a small percentage of each bet feeds the big pool of money until somebody lucky meets the winning conditions and triggers a whopping payout. This means that the highest possible jackpots can be won on slots when you place big bets.


Return to Player (RTP) is a popular term casinos use to describe the percentage of all of the cash the game will pay back to players over time. For example, if you bet $100 on 95% RTP slot machines, you will, on average, receive around $95 in wins. Of course, in the short term, almost anything can happen, so patience is once again key. In any case, you should always gamble reasonably within your own budget and use it for your own entertainment.


Volatility is a term that is used for how much risk is involved in playing online slots. It gives you a lot of valuable information, including the frequency and the size of the payouts you will receive from the games.

Online slots with low volatility will reward players with frequent wins, but in low to mid-sized amounts. On the other hand, highly volatile slots will provide players with massive wins, but at a more irregular place. The higher the volatility, the less frequent the payout will be, but it will be drastically bigger in size.

High volatility slots are considered by most slots’ players to be the most fun to play, having a huge variety of bonuses & rewards, like free spins, multipliers, and wilds. They can give enormous wins if the lady luck accompanies you during the games.

Hit Frequency

Plenty of slot reviews will provide you with a ton of information about RTP and volatility, but you will rarely hear about hit frequency. This is the term that is used for telling you how often slots will stop on and give you a winning combination.

For example, if a game has a hit frequency of 8%, it means that it will give you a win 8% of the time. It’s worth noting that a large number of games give players the opportunity to place a bet on multiple lines simultaneously. This means that, in one bet, a player can easily get multiple winning combinations, or losing ones, depending on their luck and skill.

Graphics and Theme

If the online slots you choose do not engage you from the outset, then the game probably isn’t worth spending your real money on. Remember, gambling should be taken lightly, and it should be used as nothing more than amusement & fun. The online slots of your choosing should suck you into the gameplay with great graphics and a theme that interests you.

Since there are thousands of different featured slots out there, you should not settle for a game that doesn’t appeal to you visually. Developers are always designing newer and more aesthetic online slots, so keep looking for the best one for you. And remember, you can play free mode before giving a game go with real money mode.

Mobile Slots & Slot Apps

Since the online world is showing a slow but sure shift from the desktop to the smartphone, slot sites are definitely not behind in this trend. Furthermore, most of the popular internet casinos have ensured that their slots have mobile compatibility.

A stable online casino website should run smoothly on all platforms. Ideally, it should have a smooth interface that is simple to understand and easy to use. Banking and payment options are also should be considered when exploring mobile slot sites, as well.


More likely than not, every fan of online slots has a personal favorite when it comes to the team responsible for making the magic happen. Some players love beautiful designs and animations, while others look for an abundance of features, high win potential, or the best entertainment. Either way, most of the online slots you will find on a casino is a production of software providers. Today, names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Betsoft are some of the best casino software providers that you can see in a casino.

Best Online Slots Reviews at Team Gamblers

We, at TeamGamblers, are confident that you can find anything & everything you need for your best online gambling experience. You can always get the newest and most popular slot reviews with the most impressive features. Our reviews will always cover the slots in great detail, making sure you can feel the game before even trying it. We cover all of the necessary criteria, and we promise to do so in the future.


When selecting an online casino, there are a number of factors you must consider before investing your precious time and money. Of course, the factors depend on the types of slots you wish to explore. You should always look for the online casino with the best bonuses & free spins, but also the one that has a safe and engaging experience on their platform.


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