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Sports betting in Pennsylvania was one of the first to launch in the entire United States. It arrived on November 17, 2018, a few months after PASPA was defeated by New Jersey. Online sports betting came a bit later, with launches from mainstream online bookmakers arriving throughout 2019.


As of now, the Keystone State is one of the most important online sports betting markets in the country. It generates a significant revenue and tax dollar. Furthermore, it hosts well-known operators like FanDuel Sportsbook, Parx Sportsbook, and Barstool Sportsbook. Additionally, some of those bookies offer top-notch casino gaming experience, as well, such as Hollywood Casino, Mohegan Sun, and Parx Casino.

With over a dozen superb choices of bookies in the state, you can rest assured that PA sports betting is really a paradise for anyone who has ever wanted to participate in online sports betting.

Today, we will begin by explaining what makes Pennsylvania so special and how we review the best sports betting states in this jurisdiction. So, what does it mean to have legal sports betting market in your state? We take a look at the best online sports betting sites together.

How We Review PA Sports Betting Sites?

pa sports betting sitesWe approach the reviewing process with the attention to detail and seriousness PA sports gambling fans expect. That’s why we dedicate considerable effort and time to create a list of PA sportsbooks and rank them in a way that makes it easy to see which the best options are.

We have chosen a simple, step-by-step approach that exemplifies how we rank online sportsbooks in the Keystone State for further comfort. It’s easy to put yourself in our shoes and review a sportsbook yourself, but why bother when Team Gamblers has already done the hard work for you!

#1 Check the Sportsbook for a License

Our first stop is checking the license. No sportsbook in Pennsylvania should operate without a permit from the PGCB. Our job is to tell you that this license is legitimate and that a website has the legal grounds to operate in the state. We check the licensing number of each betting website with the regulator first-hand!

#2 Make Sure There is an App

Sports betting apps are a factor. We want you to have no trouble betting in PA, which means having access to iOS and Android mobile apps. Apps are an easy way to make Pennsylvania online sports betting even simpler.

You hop on the app and check out what selections the bookie has. An added benefit is that almost every Pennsylvania online betting sites runs an in-play or live betting option, and you get to also watch games directly on your app. That is why we believe that PA sports betting apps are worth it.

#3 Test Variety of Markets

Just because you have legal sports betting doesn’t mean all bookies will offer you quite the same variety. That is why we search and check out each sportsbook to help you find out the ones that offer the highest market and bet types variety! We make sure that the sportsbook you end up choosing to bring you a proven diversity when it comes to bets.

#4 Verify Competitive Odds

Alright, since you have the markets figured out, you are probably wondering if you can trust PA sports book odds that are published on the sports betting market in PA. Well, with the best PA sports betting sites we recommend, you can rest assured that the fixtures are competitive, fair to sports bettors, and a good way to have a competitive experience overall.

#5 Speak to Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of your sports betting experience in Pennsylvania. We know as much, and this is why our team studied each online sportsbook’s support service.

We checked several factors in consideration when rating an online sportsbook’s support. In this sense, we gauged how knowledgeable care agents were, how quickly they responded and how they behaved. Based on this, we have reviewed all PA online sportsbooks presently in the state.

#6 Visit the Bonus Section

When we participate in PA online sports betting, we mean business. Our expert punters have tested most available promotions, bringing you a detailed breakdown of each welcome bonus out there. This way, we can advise you on what constitutes a good offer and what promotion is better left alone.

Land-Based Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania

Every online sportsbook in the state of Pennsylvania is paired with a retail establishment. That is part of the licensing agreement, and as such, the Keystone State makes sure that any land-based sportsbook meets specific industry standards. Only the best brands have been allowed to obtain sports betting licenses after a thorough review by the state regulator.

They are not going anywhere, too, so it’s always best to embrace them and, even more importantly, enjoy them. Many worthwhile venues host such sportsbooks like DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook. Here, we will quickly find names that have retail operations that accept sports bets.

Other sports betting Pennsylvania locations include Rivers Casino Philadelphia, BetRivers Sportsbook, Rivers Pittsburgh, Valley Forge Casino, Harrah’s Philadelphia, Hollywood Casino Sportsbook, Parx Sportsbook, Presque Isle Downs & Casino, Mount Airy Casino, The Meadows Sportsbook, Mohegan Sun Pocono, and more in development.

As you can see, the sports betting market is not solely about online sportsbooks. In fact, Pennsylvania is quite happy to boost the fun. PA online sportsbooks always draw the bulk of the action, but retail betting lounges are always there to bring people together.

Sports Betting Apps in PA

pa sports gamblingIf you are a big fan of accessing your favorite apps, you will be thrilled to find out that there are dozens of great PA sports betting apps to pick from. The thing is that every sportsbook has made sure to bring you a top-notch mobile betting service.

Why? The answer is simple, and Pennsylvania’s residents would much rather participate in online sports betting than be forced to drive out to a casino.

Sure, there are many great locations around town, and whether you are heading to Presque Isle Downs, Mohegan Sun Pocono, or Hollywood Casino, you will never be disappointed. But why not save yourself all that travel time? Why not kick back at home and visit Valley Forge Casino only once a week or when a big game is coming up?

Thanks to the receptive and intuitive mobile sports betting solutions that work on both iOS and Android devices, you should have no trouble accessing apps in the state. Better yet, this means you can register at multiple sportsbooks, and you know what this means, right? You can compare odds in real-time and never be forced to place bets that aren’t optimal given your situation.

Apps allow you to always stay updated and even scoop up some excellent bonuses, not just a deposit bonus, but more! The other good thing about these apps is that they work for all devices. A sportsbook doesn’t just presume that you have an iOS device. It will give you an Android app, as well.

The only thing is what your location is. You cannot use your app in New Jersey, for example, and make sure that you are in-state when trying to bet! The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has restricted all out-of-state betting on any of the local sportsbooks.

Types of Bonus Offers at PA Betting Sites

Wondering what bonus offers are available in sports betting in PA online? Frankly, you can find almost all kind of bonuses at any sportsbook in the state.

It’s easy to get used to great markets and odds, but what if we told you that the sportsbooks walk the extra mile and pad your bets with a great promotional variety. Here, what matters is that there are tons of new opportunities to explore!

Pennsylvania saw many promotions made accessible, starting with a deposit bonus, deposit match, risk-free bet options, and so much more. Today, you can honestly pick virtually any bet type you wish and have a very good time while you are at it.

There are tons of bonus opportunities an online sportsbook can offer. Promos stack up nicely to make PA online betting is a bit better. Great promotions out there include the welcome bonus, risk-free bet, and various reload and weekly options.

Promotions are a great way to engage with PA online sportsbooks, too, and they will provide you with comfort and a quick experience that is industry level. You will be enjoying yourself a lot so long as you trust those bookmakers that Pennsylvania has vouched for.

How to Sign Up For a PA Betting Site?

pa online sportsbooks

Signing yourself for sports betting in Pennsylvania is a piece of cake. All you need to do is follow through with the registration process, which is a simple and pleasant procedure. Please remember that you must provide the correct personal details when registering.

If anything, you will notice that signing up for any of the available sportsbook options is quite easy! You can register at your favorite sportsbooks in a matter of minutes, and all that will ever be required from you is to fill out your information in detail – no more, no less.

To keep this easier for you, we have decided to go easy and just break down the process. So, how do you register at an online sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

#1 Find a Sportsbook You Like

The first step is the simplest. To participate in PA sports betting, all you need to do is find a sportsbook to call your own. Having many great sportsbooks to pick from is awesome. And today, Pennsylvania has over a dozen of online sportsbooks for you to choose from. Once you have, just click on the “sign up” window that will be available on the website.

#2 Make Sure to Fill out Your Information Honestly

Many players are tempted to withhold some information online. We can understand that, for sure. However, we can also confirm that this is not going to help you while signing up for a sportsbook – not at all.

The thing is, PA has numerous controls that this registration process helps sort out. Therefore, you need to provide an authorized Pennsylvania sports betting operator with the full information it requires. This way, they can check if you are eligible to gamble in accordance with the PGCB’s rules.

#3 Registered? Claim Your Bonus!

Now that you are registered, you can bet and use a promo code to claim a deposit bonus at that sportsbook. Often, online sports betting brands in PA make sure to have tempting offers like a welcome bonus or a $250 risk-free bet for new signees, which always simplifies things. However, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and decide if it makes sense to get the deposit match or even a $500 risk-free bet before you do!

#4 Start Placing Bets

With this last bit, there is only one thing left for you to do – you want to start betting, and it is going to be quite a bit of fun after all. Stick with the PA sports betting markets you are the most familiar with, and rest assured that there are many sports you can access. If it makes your sessions easier, download the iOS or Android app for some additional comfort!

Payment Methods at PA Sports Betting Sites

If you want to participate in sports betting and feel good about your sessions, you will want to pick the sportsbooks with the best banking options. We have reviewed each online sportsbook in quite some detail, which extends to the available payment methods.

One of the reasons why PA sports betting feels so fun is because it’s flexible. In a retail sportsbook, you usually pay cash at the cage or use a bank card. Well, when it comes to an online sportsbook, there are a few more options to benefit from.

You have a ton of possible payment methods to pick from, including Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, ACH or e-checks, PayNearMe, Wire Transfer, and once again, you can just go to a retail sportsbook and pay in cash.

All sports betting sites are connected with retail casinos and racinos, and this means that you can top up your account or request a withdrawal in person with Cash at Cage. As to the actual transaction speed, a PA online sports betting site always seeks to make you comfortable.

This means that you can deposit instantly and withdraw in a quick and reliable way at any given sportsbook! It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for your transactions to be processed. Since sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania, you don’t have to worry about your money’s safety at any licensed sportsbook, which the state regulator guarantees!

Sports to Bet

There are so many sports you can bet on in Pennsylvania. The truth is that PA means business when it comes to sports betting, and this is obvious when you take a look at the available markets in any online sportsbook in the state! There are dozens of markets, and the truth is you can bet on all popular sports that are big not just in PA, but in the United States, too!

Sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and various college competitions are all big. There are golf, tennis, table tennis, NASCAR, and various other motorsports, UFC and MMA, boxing, and even darts. Sportsbooks in the state have extensive offers that cover a significant part of the sports betting experience, and you will never be out of options to wager on. Here are some of the sports we know for a fact are big in PA.

Punters in Pennsylvania can bet on the state’s own sports franchises but also back some of the New Jersey and New York ones, as is usually the case. Actually, sports fans in the state can root for any team they like in any available sport!

NBA Betting in PA

sports betting in pennsylvaniaWhen it comes to basketball, the NBA is the biggest draw in PA sports betting. The state’s residents have quite a bit of interest in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and follow the regular season as well as the playoffs and finals with great interest. For decades now, the basketball culture in Pennsylvania and the United States has been well-developed.

As a result, sports betting markets in PA covering basketball are many, and they are all worthwhile. You can bet on moneyline, spreads, and totals, but also participate in fun proposition bets that focus on particular outcomes and players at almost every sportsbook.

Besides, Pennsylvania is still home to the Philadelphia 76ers, and they are one of the best NBA sports franchises out there!

NFL Betting in PA

The National Football League (NFL) is another popular competition in the entire USA. In fact, PA football betting is more than a passion for state’s fans.

The state has the Pittsburgh Steelers, and while the franchise hasn’t made the Super Bowl in a while, the team is definitely a focal point of PA sports betting interest. Residents do love to shed a lot on the Steelers to demonstrate their loyalty. However, the Steelers are not the only top NFL franchise that you would be interested in.

There are also the Philadelphia Eagles, another hardened and beloved franchise when it comes to the NFL. Since both the Eagles and Steelers have continually posted reliable results, they have been able to create a community of loyal followers in the Keystone State, boosting interest for football and also for PA sports betting on the NFL, naturally.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is hands-down the most exciting sports event on the calendar. If you are looking to enjoy sports betting, following the NFL all the way leading to the Super Bowl is the best way to experience it. The Division Championships – also known as NFL playoffs – are a fun precursor to what is considered the biggest game of the year in professional football, so you can always bet on those as well.

Sure, sometimes a Super Bowl can prove a little too one-sided, but sometimes we get exciting end-games that crown the season and make PA sports betting even more fun! If you are looking for ONE event to bet on this year, make sure that this is the Super Bowl!

NHL Betting in PA

There is no doubt that Pennsylvania loves hockey, and whether you root for the Pittsburgh Penguins or Philadelphia Flyers, the Keystone State has its tradition with the sport. Truth be told, there are numerous hockey teams in PA you may not have heard about unless you are a resident. Many are college teams, too, which means that the sport has a solid grassroots state, which is always a good sign.

The Penguins have been the best-known name in hockey in the state, though, for sure, winning the state’s cups repeatedly and even making a strong run for the Stanley Cup, which has not been successful on most occasions. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania is part of the fabric of the state, and by extension, it’s a part of the PA sports betting climate!

Stanley Cup

Now, the Stanley Cup is the biggest event on the hockey calendar. Whether you participate in hockey contests or not as a bettor, we still think it’s a good idea to at least consider the Stanley Cup. The hockey season’s crowning event, a bettor with good knowledge of the game, can make a huge difference to their betting fortunes.

The event is perfect for anyone with interest in PA online sports betting, too, because it features numerous games, meaning that you will be kept in suspense until the very last game, which is usually the case. It happens for the event to prove a little one-sided in an offseason, but you can still find value in the hundreds of available bets!

MLB Betting in PA

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a massive organization, and the sport it represents is one of the most loved. In fact, it’s safe to say that online sports betting sites in PA have to live up to the high expectations fans set. Better yet, the Keystone State is home to many past and present MLB franchises, including the Philadelphia Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

While the teams have not won too many Worlds, they have been a source of perpetual pride for the locals and an inspiration for new generations of players. To make things even better, the PA online sports betting market has made absolutely sure that you have tons of different events to bet on and numerous markets to pick from.

So far as baseball in Pennsylvania is concerned, you have plenty of worthwhile options. Every sportsbook in PA will make sure to feature some sports-specific wagers, too, including innings and online!

Biggest Events to Bet On

If you are the type of bettor who prefers that his bets are made on the biggest events, then you will be happy to know that each sportsbook in the state is up to snuff! You can bet in both a physical location or stick with the online brands, including Penn National, Fox Bet, DraftKings Sportsbook, Unibet Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and others.

They all run competitive lines on some of the biggest events PA online sports betting can offer you. You are already familiar with the Worlds, Super Bowl, and Stanley Cup, but beyond these traditional events, there are others you will be happy to find out about!

For example, the PGA Tour is packed with awesome events that drive significant interest from sports fans, and you will find many NASCAR events waiting. MMA, boxing, and UFC bouts are available almost every week, and you will find many big-ticket fights that excite substantial interest.

Not least, you have tennis, with the US Open. Apart from traditional sports, though, you will find other worthwhile betting opportunities in PA.

Similarly, you can bet on electronic sports, for example. Some sportsbooks Pennsylvania has even offer betting markets on video games such as Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, and others, giving Millennials and other people familiar with these markets a chance to place a wager in PA. So, if you want to bet online sports in PA, you should know that you are more than welcome!

PA Betting Sites with Casinos

pa betting sites with casinosHold on a second – are all of these sportsbooks out there only offer sports betting? Well, some maybe, but most companies that operate a sports license in the country have gone even further! They have casinos, too, and whether these are physical, online, or both, they add to the overall fun you get out of being a gambler in PA.

Today, all bookies in the state are teamed up with a land-based property, which almost certainly offers slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and other games of chance. FanDuel Sportsbook and Unibet Sportsbook, for example, are available both online, but then again, you can visit the casinos in person, and they host the sportsbooks.

Surprisingly, casinos are showing just as good results as sports betting, and while a lot of the interest is clearly on sports contests, iGaming and traditional casino gaming are really making steady progress.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in PA?

Yes, Pennsylvania legalized sports betting in 2018. The first retail sportsbooks started to open the same year, which was Hollywood Casino. And shortly after that, in 2019, we saw SugarHouse Sportsbook by Rush Street Interactive as the first online sports betting site arriving. Another licensed brand by Rush Street Interactive is, by the way, BetRivers.

All the Pennsylvania online sports betting licenses are issued and regulated by the Gaming Control Board, which makes sure that everything that happens in the state is fair and doesn’t put consumers in difficult situations.

The licenses sold for a small fortune, too! No other state has earned as much from its licensing deal as has Pennsylvania! A single sportsbook license used to sell for $4 million separately and for $10 million as part of a package deal, including online casino and poker.

Anyway, briefly, it’s completely legal to make a bet in Pennsylvania, and this gives you some significant advantages as someone who enjoys sports. And at the moment, there are more than ten sportsbook operators in the state, which is the number that was agreed upon when issuing the original licenses.

This is a good number, too, when it comes to making sure that the market is competitive enough. You can find the best odds for your bets as well as scoop-up a $500 risk-free bet or two here and there. With Pennsylvania continually driving strong results from sports betting, the state may even see new license applicants try to enter the state later.

However, this would require approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Why Are Legal Markets Better?

Even though sports betting is fully legal in Pennsylvania, some bettors still wonder which sites to pick. Well, the choice is easy – you stick with the regulated online betting sites PA has to offer! There have been many instances of sports bettors that have been misled to believe that an offshore bookie is actually worth your while.

We strongly recommend to stick with all PGCB-approved sites only and trust them alone. There are many reasons why we believe this is crucial. For starters, regulated sites have accountability.

Even better, a PA online sportsbook will go the extra mile in providing you with verifiable, fair, and competitive markets. You will have access to better odds and more betting choices, but better yet, all the promotions you accept will be easy to cash out!

Speaking of cashouts, you will have no trouble enjoying swift deposits and withdrawals, all of which are only possible with licensed and regulated sports betting sites in PA. If you are looking to give yourself the best sports betting experience, you better stick with PGCB recommended websites we have reviewed at Team Gamblers!

Problem Gambling in Pennsylvania?

pennsylvania sports bettingWhen Pennsylvania was setting the regulatory framework for monitoring sports betting, it also took into consideration the risks of players developing a gambling problem. As a result, you can rest assured that the legal framework in the state has safeguards that take care of business.

Problem gambling is not really an issue that you can easily handle in the state. In fact, PA has addressed the issue in full, thanks to adequate regulatory moves early on. Apart from crisis counseling, the state is actually allocating a lot of tax dollars to make sure that bettors are always safe, and they can find a location close to them to talk out the issues they face with the activity.

So, what’s Pennsylvania’s objective with its responsible gambling framework? Simple as you can imagine. The state wants to protect vulnerable customers. Furthermore, it makes sure that gamblers aren’t the victim of fraudulent or criminal activities. Right now, you can seek help from numerous organizations in the state if you are experiencing a gambling problem of any kind. They include:

Tips on Pennsylvania Sports Betting

If you want to master sports betting in PA, you have to find out more about how sports work. Here, we offer you some common guidelines that seem to work for the majority of sports bets. Please remember that sports betting contains a certain degree of luck as well as skill.

The tips listed below are just raw directions to what may work or not. Overall, sports bettors agree that these universal pieces of advice help them wager their money in a more controlled and meaningful way.

#1 Pick a Team You Know

To make sure you are successful, you will need to focus on the teams you already know. If you have a favorite team(s) or player(s), you should use your knowledge and focus on this. Do not venture out to bet on athletes or sports franchises that you do not. Then again, do not let bias dictate your bets. Just because you root for a team, this doesn’t mean the team is going to win.

Make sure to analyze each situation and take each team or player back based on merit, not your personal preference. Remember that some sports offer too many teams. For instance, in college basketball, there are 351 basketball teams in Division I alone! Focus on the biggest and most promising franchises instead of trying to cover all!

#2 Watch the Games Yourself

pa sports betting bonusesWhile collecting information from accredited sources is going to help you make better bets, it almost certainly pays off to watch the games yourself. Don’t just bet on games, but try to make sure you have time to enjoy and watch the contests yourself. Doing so will make you more involved and bring a greater feeling of reward whether you lose or win.

Even more importantly, by choosing to watch games yourself, you will have a much clearer picture of what is going on. Reading about a game won’t allow you to spot the small trends that an expert sports bettor will see long before they have become a fact. If you do have the time to watch, we encourage you to do so.

It’s better to bet on fewer or even a single game, but see what happens than going at full throttle at games you are not too familiar with.

#3 Read Up from Good Sources

The Internet is crawling with information about sports betting. Yet, the only way to optimize your own game is to reference the best sources. This means focusing on outlets and sources that are provenly good. ESPN, CBS Sports, and USA Today are just a few of the great sources that have dedicated sports coverage.

Reading from these national dailies will guarantee that your next bets are placed according to the most up-to-date information you can find on the market.

#4 Follow Local Sources

Now, there is one more way to make sure you are getting value out of your bets. To do so, you must keep reading up on what local media outlets tell you. Why local? Because sports in the United States and even Pennsylvania are too big to cover by a single entity!

Often, you will find that some local media publications are much better informed than the big media. It’s where your strength lies and where you should focus on getting some value. Speaking of value, this brings us to our next piece of advice.

#5 Keep Looking for Value

If you are keen on getting a little more value from your sports betting sessions, you might as well look for the perfect opening. There are some instances when a sportsbook may end up mispricing the odds.

This means that you are going to be betting at odds that favor you more without the sportsbook realizing. This is a perfectly legal strategy, and as long as you are confident that you have spotted a value wager, you can take it.

#6 Control Your Bankroll

It’s best to treat your bankroll with care. Make use of bonuses when it makes sense to do so. Bet only what you can afford to lose, and remember that sports betting is just a hobby. Many players go a little further, trying to make a living off sports betting. That is wrong as there are no guarantees that you can ever win consistently. Rather, focus on managing your bankroll better and make decisions that help you in the long-term.

#7 Avoiding “Hunches”

Sports betting is fun and if you want to goof off and place a bet you know nothing about – go ahead. Yet, consider that “hunches” don’t usually work. It’s best to just go with what you think is best based on the facts you have. The research will help you make slightly better decisions, which is what the activity is all about. With so many good free resources out there, it should be fairly easy to do so!

College Betting in Pennsylvania

college betting in pennsylvaniaAs you know, college sports are a huge part of the very fabric of sports in the United States! Put simply, and you cannot have a proper betting contest out there if the college sports aren’t involved. Right now, the two main competitions are college football and college basketball.

With hundreds of aspiring teams out there, college sports is one of the most interesting activities you can follow in the country. Actually, the teams often produce talent that ends up playing in the NFL and NBA, so you can actually see an athlete make it all the way from a college player into the biggest sports competitions in the United States.

Betting on college games is available in Pennsylvania, and that is good news, allowing you to pick from numerous options. However, we recommend that you follow the top franchises. Why? Put simply, and there are over 1,000 college sports teams out there – across both basketball and football, and often other teams.

Yet, the ones that tend to win the titles are fairly the same, and they usually come from specific divisions. It’s good to keep your eyes open for those!

Which College Sports Is Better to Bet On?

This is a great question. The simple answer is that both basketball and football make a lot of sense to bet on. Yet, this is where the choice is yours to make. In PA, you can find plenty of betting markets on both, including moneyline and props. However, it’s important to ask yourself what you think is the best call here.

After all, you want to bet on the sports you understand, and with the many college teams competing, you are better off focusing on those that you know all about. Sometimes, you will have the good luck to know a team up close, but others, you will have to rely on what you hear from the media and analysts.

In any event, Pennsylvania has a good tradition when it comes to college sports, and this is good news for everyone indeed. If you are looking to bet on college sports, PA has a few franchises of its own. But there is no actual need to wager on any team in the state, as the top ones are all over the place!


Pennsylvania sports betting is one of the most developed industries in the country. It provides players with the safety they need to place bets in a safe and controlled environment. Thanks to the state making sports betting legal, consumers are always protected. They can visit a retail location to bet on sports or opt for an online alternative.

The legalization of the sector has allowed numerous sportsbook operators to enter the state, bringing their expertise and knowledge of gaming and betting. As a result, Pennsylvania brings you some of the best betting options.

The state has numerous legalized betting locations, but it also partners with online sports operators. So long as the venue you choose to visit – in person or on mobile – has the PGCB license of approval, you can be sure it is a decent choice. Are you looking for top PA online sportsbooks? You have come to the right place to look for them! b

Pennsylvania Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in PA?

Yes, sports betting is legal in PA. Retail sports betting was legalized in 2018. Mobile sports betting and online sportsbooks followed in 2019. If you are looking for legal betting in PA, you can simply check our list.

Can I bet on sports from a mobile device in PA?

Yes, you can always bet on sports from a mobile device. Players are welcome to enjoy and bet from Android and iOS apps at all sportsbooks in the state.

Are there risk-free bet options in Pennsylvania?

Yes, nearly all sportsbooks in PA offer risk-free bets for new players. While some reward you with a $250 risk-free bet, others may come with $500 risk-free bet offers. Each online sportsbook is free to set its own rules, however, so the terms and conditions will usually change from one to the next.

What kind of bets can I place on sports in PA?

You can place all available bets available in sports betting. This means moneyline, parlays, spreads, totals, props, and more. There are numerous options and some sport-specific choices as well.

Can I bet on sports in PA outside the state?

No, you can only bet on sports at a registered sportsbook in Pennsylvania. If you have an account in PA but try to bet from outside of the state, you will be blocked.

What’s the legal gambling age in Pennsylvania?

To bet legally in the state of Pennsylvania, you must be at least 21 of age. You cannot participate in sports betting contests if you are not of legal age.

Are offshore sportsbooks any good?

No, the top PA sports betting sites in the state all have licenses. Offshore P are dangerous as they have your financial and personal information and offer no player protection measures.

Where Can I Bet On Sports in PA?

Since the Keystone State is the first state that legalized betting online, it has a number of options. These include Fox Bet Sportsbook, Barstool Sportsbook, Parx Sportsbook, and many more!

Can You Bet Online in PA?

Yes, you can. There are a number of operators to pick from, both for casino gaming and betting. The list includes Parx Sportsbook, Hollywood Casino, Mohegan Sun, and more.

Can I Use DraftKings Sportsbook in PA?

Yes, you can access DraftKings Sportsbook in the state of Pennsylvania.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook available in Pennsylvania?

Yes. In fact, FanDuel was one of the firsts to be available for betting in Pennsylvania.